KDC405 - LTE AI dashcam

With forward & driver facing cameras, the KDC405 records the view through a vehicle's front windscreen and also the interior of the vehicle.

In-built LTE connection, GPS tracking and driver behaviour monitoring adds remote access and fleet management services.

Recieve immediate notification of driving events with automated video uploads. Custom video can be requested and uploaded to Kasava Cloud at any time... even when the vehicle is parked!

  • Video: Up to 1080p, 160° FOV.

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Forward-Facing Dashcam

Full-HD video with in-built camera.

Live Viewing

View live footage from any device.

GPS Tracking

Live location updates and historic route tracking.

Kasava Cloud

Manage vehicle alerts and track your fleet.

Event Reports

Produce in-depth reports including images, motion, location & speed data.

Out of Hours Alerts

Receive alerts if the vehicle is driven out of permitted times.

LTE Connectivity

With multi-network roaming as standard.

Remote power cycle

Save an engineer visit, connect with the KXB1 to provide remote rebooting.

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