Take your vehicle protection to the next level with Kasava's KXB1.

The KXB1 features a remote 3-point immobiliser, a hidden GPS tracker, motion detection for tamper alerts and telematics

The immobiliser can be controlled remotely via Kasava Cloud and incorporates 3 safety checks to ensure the immobilser will wait to engage if the vehicle is moving and it is unsafe to do so straight away.

Connect the KXB1 to your Kasava KDC dashcam to provide remote diagnostics & power cycling to resolve issues without an installer visit.

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3-point Immobiliser

Set up to 3 immobilising points and control remotely.

Hidden GPS Tracking

Live location updates and historic route tracking.

Tamper Alerts

Alerts if your vehicle is tampered with and activate your KDC dashcam automatically.

Kasava Cloud

Manage vehicle alerts and track your fleet.

Works with KDC Dashcams

Diagnose dashcams, remotely reboot and receive alerts if tampered with.

Timed immobilisation

Control the hours your vehicles can be driven.


Produce in-depth reports including motion, location & speed data.

4G Connectivity

With 2G fallback and multi-network roaming as standard.

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