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Protect your drivers, riders and fleet

Kasava provides integrated vehicle CCTV, telematics and disabling devices for fleets, insurers and businesses so they can monitor all their assets and then use the data to get better insurance by creating a driver score which then rates them.

Clients can integrate Kasava solutions with their own back office systems so that they can build to charge, invoice drivers, issue contracts and provide FNOL.

Support the change to EV... review fuel vs EV energy usage, monitor electric range, and check batteries are being charged appropriately.

Vehicle power loss can occur in the event of an accident, either through severity of impact or as a safety precaution of the vehicle. Kasava's battery backup ensures power to your Kasava product when you need it most.

Kasava provides complete remote management for vehicles, with reports of full telematics; including alerts, tracking information, fuel consumption and geofencing.

Add an extra layer of protection to your vehicles with Kasava's KXB1 remote immobiliser, featuring scheduled immobilisation to ensure your vehicle can only be used at authorised times.

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Check how EV vehicles are being charged

In-cabin audio alerts and driver training

Face-mask detection ensures complient drivers and passengers

MOT and Service reminders

Kasava Solutions

Kasava Cloud

All-in-one management portal

Kasava Cloud provides full management of your drivers/riders & your fleet. Track current locations, view incidents, speeding alerts and produce reports; all from your desktop, tablet or phone.

Remotely access video and vehicle data through Kasava Cloud whenever you want to... even if the vehicle is off!

24/7 Tracking

Monitor live locations and historic data of your vehicles. Set custom geofences with alerts when an area is entered or departed.


View video footage captured from alerts. Footage is provided with location and other vehicle data.

Fleet Management

Monitor activity of your vehicles, including MOT and Service reminders.

Driver & Rider Profiles

Review behaviour and identify those most likely to cause an accident and improve driving/riding styles.

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