KXB2, a remote immobiliser and hidden tracker provides our fleet clients more control of their vehicles.

Hired vehicles can be immobilised remotely in the event of theft or missed rental payment.

Schedule weekly immobilised hours to prevent unauthorised vehicle usage.

Connection into EV vehicles provides real-time data on battery charge and charging records to ensure the battery is being charged appropriately.



Remote Immobiliser

Single-cut immobilising and control remotely.

Hidden GPS Tracking

Live location updates and historic route tracking.

Tamper Alerts

Alerts if your vehicle is tampered with.

Kasava Cloud

Manage vehicle alerts, track your fleet and upload video footage.

Timed immobilisation

Control the hours your vehicles can be driven.

EV Support

Track EV battery usage to ensure correct charging procedures.


Produce in-depth reports including motion, location & speed data.

4G Connectivity

With 3G & 2G fallback and multi-network roaming as standard.

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