Kasava Cloud

Kasava Cloud

In-depth analysis at your fingertips

Kasava Cloud provides a complete management platform for your vehicles.

Kasava's bespoke dashboard provides detailed information of your vehicles data; run reports, compare drivers/riders, view event footage and view historic tracking data whenever it suites you.

Live tracking is available for all your vehicles with the ability to view locations and also live stream camera footage.

Request video uploads from your camera at any time... even if the vehicle is parked!

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Pull footage when parked

Kasava’s cameras operate in low power mode when the vehicle's parked, checking in every 30 minutes to allow video footage to be uploaded at anytime without draining your battery.

MOT & Service Reminders.

Recieve notifications when vehicles are due for for an MOT or Service. Reminders can be set by date or mileage, which is monitored by GPS tracking.

Face-mask detection

Kasava’s AI functionality can analysis footage captured from the driver-facing camera & see if the driver’s wearing a face-mask. Analysis will count how many people are in the vehicle to avoid false alerts for solo driving.

Up-to 5 minute uploads

Kasava allows clips of up-to 5 minutes to be uploaded from cameras. If the cellular connection is broken during upload, it will continue from where it left off once connection is regained.

In-cabin Audio Alerts & Training

Inform drivers of what they can do to improve their scoring. Messages will only play at the start of end of a journey so not to cause any distractions.

Self Tests

Self maintance checks can be run via Kasava Cloud or locally on your camera. Tests will report any issues with camera(s), GPS, cellular connection, SD card or ignition wiring.

Internal Storage

Captured events are stored on internal memory which can’t be accessed by drivers or riders. Disconnecting a camera or attempted tampering of an SD card will not cause footage to be lost.

Always-on Heartbeats

Kasava’s range of solutions stay on 24/7. Recieve location updates every 30 seconds when driving, and every 30 minutes when parked. This features allows you to identify if a camera is disconnected when parked.


The Kasava ecosystem provides an end-to-end solution for your fleet. We are hardware agnostic, meaning we either provide our own hardware, or we can incorporate your existing products into our ecosystem via our internal API.

Kasava Cloud A.I. provides intelligence to reduce the level of human management required to service workforce protection solutions.

Kasava's external RESTful/JSON API allows allows insurers and other software providers to easily and seamlessly integrate Kasava Cloud A.I. into their front-end.


Kasava Cloud simulates the cognitive functionailty performed by the human mind; learning, problem-solving and general intelligence.

When people think of AI in vehicles it will usually be in the form of autonomous driving... Kasava Cloud is AI in the sky. Offering intelligent tracking like never before, Kasava Cloud ensures maximum efficiency of our customers workforce by taking on most of the leg work for them.

In vehicle tracking, event detection can be a significant problem, requiring human intervention to filter out the false alerts. Kasava Cloud has the ability to analysis video, image, motion & location data captured during every event to post process and determine whether a false alert was triggered. Also, by collecting miles of data & combining with the video analytics, Kasava Cloud has created a range of event profiles for different vehicles based on the data analysed.

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